Introducing:  BRINKLEY the Shepadoodle Service Dog Pup

AKA:  Brittney, or Brigette, or just Bri.  Her trainer never can seem to get it quite right!

Basic Breed and Temperament Information:

Shepadoodle service dogBrinkley is a blonde, female Shepadoodle service dog candidate.  She is a little fireball of fun.  She loves to play outside in the freshly mowed grass and to jump in mud puddles.  Getting dirty is her favorite game.  She grunts in her crate and when you rub her belly.  She loves to be cuddled.  She likes long walks after the rain, and has a healthy appetite.

Brinkley recently had a Urinary Tract Infection, but she was great about taking her cranberry supplement, and the veterinarian said she looks very healthy!  She did not get sick riding in the car, either, which is always a plus!

Shepadoodle Service Dog Strengths:

A natural retriever, Brinkley is already showing tremendous interest in a tennis ball and other toys.  Allergy detection?  Possibly.  Mobility Assistance?  Maybe so.  She doesn’t seem to have any trouble at all picking things up and carrying them in her mouth.  Her anticipated size makes her a great selection for stability, too.

Brinkley is quick to learn and pays close attention to her environment.  She enjoys learning new things, and gets very excited when she does the right thing.  She responds well to praise and she loves to eat cheese.

Shepadoodle Service Dog Challenges:

Brinkley has a Poodle recall!  She loves to come when she is called, but never quite close enough to be caught.  She’d much rather prance around the yard than come inside before she is ready.  She is a handful, but has such exuberance for life that it is easy to overlook some difficulties in training.  She recently discovered the joy of drinking toilet water, so now we have to keep a much closer eye on her in the house.

Of course, being a puppy, housebreaking can be a challenge.  Brinkley is doing very well for her age in a home environment.  In fact, when her trainer had a terrible cold, she slept through the entire night and waited until morning to go outside for her break.

We recently discovered that Brinkley is startled by hula-hoops, so we’ll be sure to get her around them more often in a positive, controlled way.  She is sometimes shy with new people or startles at sudden movements, but she recovers quickly which is what we are looking for!

What’s Next?

Brinkley will get more opportunities to socialize in the real world.  She has already been to the service station, the dollar store, the hardware store, and the veterinary clinic.  She will have lots of opportunities in the future to go on field trips to nursing homes, grocery stores, schools, church, playgrounds, restaurants, museums, and many other places where she will encounter lots of people and noises.  When she gets a little older and we have a better idea of her adult personality, we will introduce her to her potential family.

Stay tuned for Brinkley’s next adventures!


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