Education on Service Dogs

As dedicated service dog trainers, we place utmost importance on educating our community about the necessary jobs these amazing dogs do. 

Without a proper understanding of the significant roles these dogs play in the lives of their owners with disabilities, it can be difficult to know what to do (or what not to do) when encountering a handler with their service dog out in public. 

Through active and engaging educational opportunities, we wish to promote acceptance and knowledge of service dog teams throughout our community and the world.

service dog with boy scout children
reading program

Educating the Youth

As part of our community education efforts, we offer several different programs for schools, clubs, children’s museums, Cub Scouts, Boy and Girl Scouts, libraries, and more. Our programs are completely customizable for the needs of each individual group’s needs. 

To date, we have offered our service in the form of assembly demonstrations, classroom demonstrations, reading programs, hands-on opportunities, field trips, meetups, and more. Children can have the opportunity of meeting the dogs up close and even learning how to work with the dogs.

service dog visit to nursing home

Therapy Dog Visits

Our trainers and the service dogs in training are happy to offer their time to organizations looking for a therapeutic visit from some loving, well-trained dogs and puppies. 

From senior living homes to care centers and shelters, our dogs offer emotional support and bring smiles to the faces of those who don’t always have the opportunity to interact with canine companions. 

Our program has even developed a weekly visit routine to one of our local senior living homes, Brookdale Senior Living. The residents adore seeing their favorite furry friends every Thursday, while chatting with our trainers.

Service Dog Information for Businesses

We understand that information found on the internet or through word of mouth can be confusing, misleading, or difficult to trust. With the popularity of service dogs growing, business owners and their employees are seeing more and more customers with service dogs. Educating themselves and their employees on service dogs and their handlers is extremely important. 

As an organization that has been training service dogs and their handlers for over 10 years, we offer our knowledge through the form of informational presentations and demonstrations for businesses who are interested in expanding their knowledge on this subject.