Labrador Retriever Service Dog

Ranger- Our blessing

Autism Assistance Service Dog

They were at school and she was put in a group for a project. She started having a meltdown and trying to not let it show. Ranger got up and began nudging her until she started petting him.

“Ranger is a blessing to our family Donna P.”

Lacy Lou - Sounding the Alarm

Seizure Alert Service Dog

Lacy and Rai were in completely separate rooms when she heard Rai gag, which are how Rai’s seizures start. Lacy took off running and began alerting!

“Tear of joy are streaming down my face! We have had a rough few days with Rai and Lacy has been on high alert and alerting more and more” Emily N.

Charkie - The best way to calm

Autism Assistance Service Dog

Charkie Girl rocking her “lay” task for deep pressure therapy to calm Ethan during a meltdown. Just WOW! What an amazing sight this was of how tremendously it helped Ethan calm down so much faster than usual. This was the tail end of it all and a precious sight indeed!

“Can’t say enough good things about Highland Canine. Charkie has been an AMAZING help and addition to our family!- Cassie B.

Stability and Signal Alert Service Dog

Barnabas - Support Beyond Measure

Stability Assistance and Signal Alert Service Dog

For years, Barnabas has been assisting his owner with balance assistance and alerting her to important sounds, among many other things! Though it was quite an adjustment, Rachel reports that the two now work like a well-oiled machine.

“I can’t believe we have already been together for over 2 years! But I also can’t imagine my life without him any longer.”    – Rachel N.

Child with Autism Assistance Service Dog

Darth - Big Lovable Labradoodle

Autism Assistance Service Dog

Haydan’s mom reported that he and Darth quickly became best friends and that it was clear they were meant to be. Since receiving Darth, Haydan has become far more interested in trips out of the house and is excited to interact with others, especially when it comes to talking about his dog. The two constantly look for eachother and have a true one-of-a-kind bond.

“Darth made it so it’s like he [Haydan] doesn’t have a disability anymore.”    – Brandi S.

Autism Service Dog for Teenager

Radar - Road to Independence

Autism Assistance Service Dog

Nearing adulthood can be intimidating and Emily’s mom wanted to make sure she was on the right track for independence. Working with her service dog Radar throughout her teen years has helped improve Emily’s social skills and confidence. 

Since Radar has joined our family, Emily has become more independent and confident. This year, her senior year, is the first year she has not needed support at school. That speaks for itself.”    – Amanda F.

Cody - The Calming Presence

Autism Assistance Service Dog

Trained in tasks such as deep pressure therapy and stimulation interruption, Cody’s goal when he started working for his boy Eric was to become his best friend and assist with the struggles he faced with his autism. With Cody’s help and dedication from his parents, Eric is becoming quite the little gentleman!

“Eric and Cody are doing so well and we don’t deal with the meltdown issues that we had before thanks to Cody and Highland Canine.”    – Kurt J.

Autism Mobility Wheelchair Service Dog

Amidala - The "Best Dog Ever"

Autism and Mobility Assistance Service Dog

Dual trained in both autism and wheelchair assistance, Amidala offers a variety of tasks to help in the daily life of her boy, Canon. From retrieving items to pulling the covers up over Canon at night, Ami has been an invaluable family member, tending to both Canon’s physical and emotional needs. After years together, the two have become very close and the family can’t imagine life without this little Goldendoodle anymore.

“Best dog EVER!! She is such a big part of our family and is so loved.”    – Paige W.