Our Services

Autism Service Dogs

Throughout recent years, it has been proven that dogs can make a huge difference in the lives of children and adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Service dogs, trained specifically to handle the challenges these individuals face, have opened up an entirely new world for the families whose lives have been affected by this condition. Families often report less meltdowns, harmful self-stimulating tactics, and dangerous bolting behaviors. In addition, many individuals often experience increased social interaction, improved sleeping patterns, and accelerated advances in areas of speech, anxiety, and more. We offer Autism Service Dogs trained to meet the specific needs of our clients.  As such, each dog is custom selected and trained to ensure that it has the skills and temperament for the individual and their family.

Mobility Service Dogs

We understand the role that Mobility Service Dogs play in the lives of those that rely on assistance devices.  Not only do these service dogs offer aid in the everyday tasks these individuals are faced with, they also provide companionship and independence no other person can give them. Our Mobility Assistance Dogs are reliable, affordable and trained to be constant companions. Each dog is trained to perform in a variety of environments and distractions, ensuring it will help support its owner during any time of need. From retrieving objects to offering stability assistance during transitions, Mobility Service Dogs can be trained any number of tasks to assist their owner with any difficulties they may need help with. Working together with each of our clients, we are dedicated to selecting and training the perfect dog to assist each individual with living their best life.

Seizure Service Dogs

Individuals affected by seizures benefit greatly by a service dog trained to respond in the event of a seizure. Service dogs trained to alert prior to the onset of a seizure can potentially be lifesaving, as this allows the person an opportunity to take action early and prevent harm or get help. This also means greater independence can be achieved through the peace of mind these dogs offer. We understand the concerns our clients living with seizure disorders experience. Seizure Service Dogs trained precisely for each client provide the extra help and security needed to expand their lives to the fullest. Seizure Assistance Dogs can also be trained a variety of other tasks from retrieving a medicine bag to providing stability assistance after a seizure has occurred. Our Seizure Service Dogs can be customized to fit the specific needs of each individual.

Hearing Service Dogs

Hearing Service Dogs, also referred to as Signal Response Service Dogs, are trained to alert their handlers to specific noises and work with individuals with hearing impairments. For someone who has difficulties hearing important sounds, these Service Dogs can offer invaluable assistance navigating the world. From waking up their owner in the middle of the night to the imperative sound of a smoke alarm to alerting them when their phone is ringing, nothing can replace the security and independence these dogs provide. We are eager to work with each client as an individual, therefore we offer a variety of breeds and sizes. We also provide our professional expertise when selecting the perfect personality, temperament, and handling style of each dog, ensuring a perfect match between handler and dog.

Service Dog Training

We offer a variety of Service Dog training programs for individuals who already have an existing dog.  Over the years, we have trained a number of pets that were owned by families who wanted them to become service dogs. This service is available to anyone in need of a service dog who completes our application process and provides a dog suitable for service work. The dog must pass a variety of tests to confirm it has the necessary qualities for the type of training it will need. All areas of service work are open to this option if you have a candidate for the job. Whether you are in need of an autism assistance dog, mobility assistance dog, or any other type, service dog training for your current dog is a wonderful option. Because you and your dog already share a special bond, you’re one step closer to a perfect working relationship.