Our Services

Autism Service Dogs

We offer Autism Service Dogs trained to meet the specific needs of our clients.  As such, each dog is custom trained to ensure that it will perform when necessary.

Mobility Service Dogs


We understand the role that Mobility Service Dogs play in the lives of those that rely on assistance devices.  Our Mobility Service Dogs are reliable, affordable and trained to be constant companions.

Seizure Alert Service Dogs


Individuals affected by seizures benefit greatly by a service dog trained to alert them prior to the onset of a seizure.  This allows the person an opportunity to take action early and prevent harm or get help.

Hearing Service Dogs


Hearing Service Dogs or Signal Response Service Dogs are trained to alert their handlers to specific noises and work with individuals with hearing impairments.

Service Dog Training


We offer a variety of Service Dog training programs for individuals who already have an existing dog.  Over the years, we have trained a number of pets that were owned by families who wanted them to become service dogs.