therapy dog assisted living

Service Dogs in Training Visit Assisted Living Community

Learn About Our Therapy Program – Dog Tales at Brookdale Every Thursday, the residents of the Brookdale Assisted Living Community prepare for a treat as a parade of paws walk through their halls. It’s not uncommon to see many residents enjoying stories about our dogs, reminiscing about their own dogs, or asking to see some […]

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service dog in training zoo socialization

Service Dogs at the Zoo

Socializing Our Service Dogs in Training at the Zoo Time for a challenge! The zoo is full of new sights, sounds, smells, and crazy creatures. We socialize our pups in a variety of environments from city streets and busy shopping malls to elementary schools and community events. One of the exciting places we stop by […]

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Standard poodle puppy service dog training

Introducing Norman the Poodle puppy

Norman the Poodle Puppy Begins Training Norman asks for a warm welcome as he begins his training to become a service dog. Norman is storming the scene with his strong personality and a winning attitude. Nothing will stand in his way to achieve his goal and earn the title “Best Service Dog of All Time”! […]

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Autism Service Dog tethering with child

The Benefits of Tethering with a Service Dog

The reasons for having an autism service dog trained in tethering One of the worst feelings as a parent with a special needs child is the fear of them bolting or running away in public or even from their own home. Statistics show that 50 %  of families that have children with autism and other […]

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service dog shepadoodle

Service Dog Puppy – Mator

Introducing: Mator,  the Young Shepadoodle Puppy and Service Dog Candidate If you are wondering what in the world a Shepadoodle is, it is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Standard Poodle. Service dog puppy, Mator is more hypoallergenic than most breeds and like most doodles, he does shed but it is considerably less […]

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Service Dog Funding Resources

Many of our families are looking for ways to raise money in order to pay for their service dog.  Over the years we have compiled this list of service dog funding resources.  Some organizations or groups have grants available.  We hope you will find it helpful.  We are always adding to it, so if you […]

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