Goldendoodle Service Dog Delivery

Upcoming Deliveries of Summer 2018

Take a Look at the Graduating Dogs of our Service Dog Program! Plans for several deliveries over the upcoming summer are under way! We have a total of four adult dogs finishing up their training and preparing to begin their careers as service dogs. Soon, they will be leaving the training center and stepping into […]

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therapy dog assisted living

Service Dogs in Training Visit Assisted Living Community

Learn About Our Therapy Program – Dog Tales at Brookdale Every Thursday, the residents of the Brookdale Assisted Living Community prepare for a treat as a parade of paws walk through their halls. It’s not uncommon to see many residents enjoying stories about our dogs, reminiscing about their own dogs, or asking to see some […]

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service dog in training zoo socialization

Service Dogs at the Zoo

Socializing Our Service Dogs in Training at the Zoo Time for a challenge! The zoo is full of new sights, sounds, smells, and crazy creatures. We socialize our pups in a variety of environments from city streets and busy shopping malls to elementary schools and community events. One of the exciting places we stop by […]

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Standard poodle puppy service dog training

Introducing Norman the Poodle puppy

Norman the Poodle Puppy Begins Training Norman asks for a warm welcome as he begins his training to become a service dog. Norman is storming the scene with his strong personality and a winning attitude. Nothing will stand in his way to achieve his goal and earn the title “Best Service Dog of All Time”! […]

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Autism Service Dog tethering with child

The Benefits of Tethering with a Service Dog

The reasons for having an autism service dog trained in tethering One of the worst feelings as a parent with a special needs child is the fear of them bolting or running away in public or even from their own home. Statistics show that 50 %  of families that have children with autism and other […]

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service dog shepadoodle

Service Dog Puppy – Mator

Introducing: Mator,  the Young Shepadoodle Puppy and Service Dog Candidate If you are wondering what in the world a Shepadoodle is, it is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Standard Poodle. Service dog puppy, Mator is more hypoallergenic than most breeds and like most doodles, he does shed but it is considerably less […]

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