Service Dog Funding Resources

Many of our families are looking for ways to raise money in order to pay for their service dog.  Over the years we have compiled this list of service dog funding resources.  Some organizations or groups have grants available.  We hope you will find it helpful.  We are always adding to it, so if you […]

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Shepadoodle Service Dog Pup – Brinkley

Introducing:  BRINKLEY the Shepadoodle Service Dog Pup AKA:  Brittney, or Brigette, or just Bri.  Her trainer never can seem to get it quite right! Basic Breed and Temperament Information: Brinkley is a blonde, female Shepadoodle service dog candidate.  She is a little fireball of fun.  She loves to play outside in the freshly mowed grass […]

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will a service dog bond with my child

Will My Child Bond with a Service Dog?

For parents looking to obtain a service dog for their child, this has to be the most asked question.  The answer, most of the time, is yes! Our parents often go through a lengthy process to obtain a service dog. First, they must complete the service dog application process, then they must gather the money […]

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choose a service dog

How do I Choose a Service Dog for My Autistic Child?

Learning how to choose a service dog to work with your autistic child can be a daunting experience.  It is important to remember your child and the service dog are going to be together 24/7 and they must be able to work together.  Your child’s temperament as well as the dog’s temperament must compliment each […]

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Do Autism Assistance Dogs Help Soothe Meltdowns?

Time and again statistics have reported that companion animals provide a sense of comfort and a relief from stress for humans of all ages and cultures. There is a calming effect from the sensation of stroking their soft fur, looking into those big beautiful eyes, and knowing that they never judge or question anything about you. […]

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service dog

Autism Assistance Dogs for Children

What do Autism Assistance Dogs do for Children? Autism Spectrum Disorders are a rapidly growing epidemic among children. This often severe developmental disorder affects the way these children perceive the world around them as well as how they respond and interact with it. Autism Spectrum Disorders and autism often cause decreased social interactions, the inability […]

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