Types of Service Dogs

Dogs are an incredible resource for individuals facing difficulties maneuvering through life. There are so many different service dog types, each highly trained to assist with the specific needs of one person – their handler. Due to the expanse of so many different diagnosis and obstacles people face, there is such a wide variety of training dogs can go through in order to help those in need.

At Assistance Dogs for Autism, a division of Highland Canine Training LLC, we understand that needs vary person by person and we are dedicated to having a personal relationship with each of our clients to ensure they get exactly what they need out of their service dog’s training.  We train a diverse range of service dogs, from the tasks they perform to the breeds selected as we are devoted to finding the perfect match for each of our clients.

See below for the list of service dogs we provide to assist those in need.

Variety of Service Dog Training

Autism assistance dog benefits

Autism Assistance Dogs

From offering disruption of harmful repetitive behaviors to tracking down a child who has wandered off, service dogs for individuals with autism spectrum disorder have proven to be extremely beneficial to their handler and family. These dogs are specially trained to work beside their owner and provide various tasks to aid with the effects of autism. The addition of an Autism Assistance Dog has been proven to help with everything from sleep habits and speech improvement to social life skills and decreased anxiety.

Read about the story of Splash – an autism service dog we recently trained to help Ty and his family.

Mobility Service Dog opening refrigerator

Mobility Assistance Dogs

A companion capable of opening doors, turning on light switches, and other helpful tasks can aid immensely in the lives of individuals confined to wheelchairs. These service dogs are dedicated and flexible, as they can be trained to perform a large variety of behaviors from the retrieval of dropped items to bracing during transitions and more. Individuals working with Mobility Assistance Service Dogs have been able to achieve greater independence, leading to happier and healthier lifestyles.

Service Dog providing stability for child

Stability Assistance Dogs

Obtaining a service dog to use as a mobility assistance device can tremendously benefit the lives of individuals needing balance support. These sturdy dogs are trained to be a steady platform for their owners while walking, going up and down steps, and during transitions. In addition, they can also retrieve dropped objects, open doors, and be trained other helpful tasks to expand their owner’s range of motion, making getting around less of a hassle while increasing independence.

Service Dog witch child with seizures

Seizure Alert Dogs

The unpredictability of seizures can make life very difficult for those living with a seizure disorder. Many families are faced with the difficult decision of homeschooling their child to protect them while others fear living alone or heading off to college. Seizures can have a huge impact on a person’s life. A service dog capable of warning their owner of an impending seizure can give the individual time to take preventative medication or get into a safe position, opening up an entirely new world of possibilities.

Learn more about the lifesaving capabilities of our seizure alert service dogs.

Seizure Service Dog

Seizure Response Dogs

When a seizure does happen, it is common for the person to feel disoriented and weakened. Seizure Response Dogs are there for their owners when they need someone most. They can be trained a wide variety of tasks from barking for help and retrieving a medicine bag to pressing a medical alert button and providing stability assistance while their owner recovers. The comfort and security these dogs provide is invaluable to those living with a seizure disorder.

Assistance Dog practicing obedience

Hearing Alert Dogs

Our world is full of sounds, including extremely important sounds that can keep us safe such as smoke alarms, which alert us to the danger of a fire. Other sounds keep us from missing out on events such as a text from a friend or a knock on the door. For individuals who are deaf or have difficulties with hearing, a service dog trained to alert their owner to specific sounds can be extremely valuable. Many people feel more secure with a dog who can add to their independence by supplementing their sense of hearing.

Autism Assistance Dog calming handler

Custom Service Dogs

Everyone is unique, from their personality to their lifestyle and interests. We understand that everyone’s needs may not fit into specific categories. Therefore, we take the individual needs of every person into account. We have trained service dogs to alert to the dangerous smells of gas and smoke for people who have no sense of smell. We have added tasks to existing service dogs. And we can combine the different types of service dog tasks to fit the needs and requests of each individual.

Learn more about our service dog training process and philosophy, including how to get started with your service dog application.

Contact Us for Guidance

We understand that beginning the process of obtaining a service dog can be intimidating so we want to help. If you have any questions about the different types of service dogs or are unsure what you might qualify for, please feel free to contact us at info@autismassistancedog.com or give us a call at 704.500.8281. We would be more than happy to answer questions, offer advice and direction, and help you get started.