Introducing: Mator,  the Young Shepadoodle Puppy and Service Dog Candidate

If you are wondering what in the world a Shepadoodle is, it is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Standard Poodle. Service dog puppy, Mator is more hypoallergenic than most breeds and like most doodles, he does shed but it is considerably less than your average dog. Mator is growing quickly and will likely be a little larger than your average German Shepherd. Shepadoodles range in size from the size of a Standard Poodle to a little larger than your average German Shepherd. They have the sturdiness of a German Shepherd but with their long Poodle legs, they are agile and able to run and leap with grace.

Mator is a very handsome little fellow. He can be a little bit shy at times but he is a very sweet, loving puppy and a cuddle bug. He has lots of puppy energy and loves to play with all of his puppy friends. Mator enjoys being groomed, which is a very good thing; it makes keeping his coat free of tangles and knots much easier and more pleasurable.

Being a potential service dog candidate, Mator’s daily routine is a little different from your average puppy. He goes to “work” each morning and spends the day learning new and important skills, taking breaks to play with friends and works in a meal or two. Mator is currently learning basic obedience, something that will be very important as he moves forward in his training as a hopeful service dog. He and his trainer recently started working on “sit” and “down”. “Sit” is going well, but “down” is a little more troublesome for Mator. His trainer is sure that he will catch on quickly and improve each day.

service dog puppySoon, Mator will start going on more outings and exploring the outside world. As a potential service dog puppy candidate, socialization is important. Mator has to learn that new things are fun and exciting, not scary. Mator has to learn that meeting new people is great and lots of fun. He has to learn that elevators and escalators are not scary and that he can ride in/on them without fear. He has to learn that walking beside a cart in the grocery store can be great fun as well.  Other skills he must learn are walking beside a stroller, wheelchair or walker. Loud noises or objects flapping in the wind should not startle him or cause fear.  These are just a few of the things Mator will encounter during his training.  He will encounter other events that he will have to become comfortable with and learn to enjoy.

One thing that Mator is struggling with right now is his crate training. He isn’t so sure that he enjoys spending time in there yet, but with some work on his trainer’s part and some positive reinforcement for good behavior in his crate, he will soon love having his very own “den”. He will learn that his crate is a comfortable and quiet place just for him and that he can go there whenever he needs a timeout.

Mator’s trainer is hopeful about his future and will be helping and encouraging him every step of the way.

Check back for updates on Mator’s training.




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