Take a Look at the Graduating Dogs of our Service Dog Program!

Plans for several deliveries over the upcoming summer are under way! We have a total of four adult dogs finishing up their training and preparing to begin their careers as service dogs. Soon, they will be leaving the training center and stepping into their new homes. As you can imagine, their families are eagerly awaiting their arrival. To learn a little about these wonderful dogs, keep reading!

Coal: The Wonder Dog

Service Dog Labrador Retriever

Coal is a young, vibrant Labrador Retriever. His gorgeous silver color isn’t the only unique thing about him. Described as a “diamond in the rough”, Coal was actually surrendered by his previous family. Coal turned out to be more energy than they expected and, without the proper guidance, he could be a bit of a handful. They wanted the best for him and knew he had potential so they brought him to Highland Canine Training to be evaluated for a job. He fit into the service dog program immediately and has since stunned everyone who has worked with him. Those good looks combined with an excellent work ethic, outstanding motivation, and an adoring personality made it clear to his trainers that he was destined for this career.

Frankie: Ultimate Best Friend

standard poodle mix service dog in training

Frankie’s motto is definitely “Live life to the fullest”. Regardless of whether he’s in a down-stay at the grocery store or running wild with his best doggie friends, Frankie is enjoying every second of every day. Frank is a Swissydoodle, an interesting cross between a Standard Poodle and a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. The Mountain Dog in him gave him a large size perfect for tethering and his Poodle side shows through with those glorious hypoallergenic curls. Bred at our facility, Frankie was the pick of the litter from an extremely young age. He showed promise, with a feisty attitude and an adventurous spirit. And he hasn’t disappointed. He’s now ready to make an impression on his boy and win his heart forever.

Merlin: He's a Magic Man

If Merlin was a person, he would definitely be that guy that you just can’t dislike. Everyone who meets Merlin falls in love with his charming attitude, sweet disposition, and adorable expressions. Merlin’s perfect mixture of cuddly and playful makes him a star pupil for his training as an autism assistance dog. Merlin is content going anywhere and everywhere the people are. He’s always been ready for anything we throw at him from difficult tasks to exhausting day trips. From the beginning of the session to the end, his attitude never falters. Then, once his day of work is done, he happily falls asleep in the laps of his trainers. He adores everyone he meets and would be the happiest dog in the world to have his very own best friend. With his delivery coming up this summer, his wish will come true as he starts working for his boy. Merlin’s trainers already know the pair will be inseparable.

Pipe: The Pick-Me-Up

Pipe is a handsome Labradoodle with an extremely important job. As a mobility service dog, he will not only be responsible for picking up dropped items but he will also need to help pick up his girl when she falls. Yes, Pipe has a long list of tasks from retrieval and stability assistance to opening doors and turning on lights. Life is about to change for Pipe as he’s headed for the beautiful island of Puerto Rico this summer. His sister, Lelo, had her big delivery a few months ago and Pipe will be joining her. You see, the handlers of Lelo and Pipe are sisters! So, it is only fitting that a sibling duo would be helping out this wonderful family. Pipe is a funny guy with loads of personality but while he’s out working, he is all business. This man knows how to be professional but he also knows how to party! He’s looking forward to getting into his profession as a service dog.

For updates about these dogs and others, along with photos of their deliveries, follow us on Facebook! For any question, please feel free to give us a call at 704.500.8281 or send us an email at info@autismassistancedog.com

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