Socializing Our Service Dogs in Training at the Zoo

Time for a challenge! The zoo is full of new sights, sounds, smells, and crazy creatures. We socialize our pups in a variety of environments from city streets and busy shopping malls to elementary schools and community events. One of the exciting places we stop by for a visit is the local zoo!

Environmental stability is the foundation of a great service dog. If a dog is uncomfortable in public or in certain situations, it will not be capable of focusing on its tasks in that environment. This means that during training, socialization is of the highest importance. Socialization begins immediately with trips to the elementary school for our Waggy Tales reading program, walks through downtown, inside shops, and other adventures. Eventually, our service dogs in training take on harder challenges such as crowded festivals, an entire day working in the heart of the city, and the zoo!

service dogs zoo giraffe
service dog training socialization zoo

The zoo is a fun trip for both the dogs in training and their handlers. The experience is like no other for our pups as they heel past tigers, practice their down-stay command beside monkeys, and sit looking upward at giraffes. This particular trip, we took Frankie the black Swissydoodle, Pipe and Peach the Labradoodles, and Merlin the white Goldendoodle. They all enjoyed their day and were happily exhausted on the ride home.

Regardless of whether you have a service dog or even a loving pet, all dogs should be socialized for their mental health and well-being. Try taking your dog to new places for an exciting adventure shared between the two of you or the whole family. If your dog has behavior problems or is just too rambunctious to take out on trips, give us a call at 866.200.2207 or email us at A world of opportunities can open up to a well behaved dog and training is the first step to spending more quality time out with your best fur friend.

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