Norman the Poodle Puppy Begins Training

Norman asks for a warm welcome as he begins his training to become a service dog. Norman is storming the scene with his strong personality and a winning attitude. Nothing will stand in his way to achieve his goal and earn the title “Best Service Dog of All Time”!

Norman is a Standard Poodle puppy who was tested and selected by our trainers at just 8 weeks old. Now, at 11 weeks of age, he has already proven to us that he is here to rule the world with his good looks and strong aptitude for work. In his short time with us, he has already added the Union Grove Elementary School Waggy Tales reading program, downtown city trips, and woodland adventures to his socialization resume. And you better believe he is ready for more.

Dogs like Norman are high in demand as his breed is hypoallergenic. This is very important for many of the children with strong allergies to dogs because it means they can still be matched to a wonderful service dog. We believe this fact may or may not give Norman a big head, as he seems to strut around like a hotshot celebrity even at his young age.

Next on Norman’s training agenda is to learn strong obedience, begin learning tasks that will aid in his career as a service dog, and continue to take the world head on. As Norman continues on his path, his trainers will be keeping a close eye on his development and taking notes to ensure he is matched to a family that is perfect for him. He is excited for the opportunity to change a life and will continue to do his best.

Norman will be matched with a family on our waiting list when he is 6-8 months old. Follow our Facebook page for more updates on Norman and his fellow service dogs in training.

Standard poodle puppy service dog training
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