• <h2>Finley – Goldendoodle </h2>

    Finley – Goldendoodle

    Finley is a loving Goldendoodle who now calls Georgia home. As an Autism Assistance Dog, Finley is responsible for making sure his handler feels comfortable and safe. He keeps his…

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  • <h2>Duchess – German Shepherd</h2>

    Duchess – German Shepherd

    Service Dog Duchess is a very loving German Shepherd who is now living in Virgina with her new handler. Duchess keeps her new handler in close proximity through tethering to…

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  • <h2>Cole – Standard Poodle</h2>

    Cole – Standard Poodle

    Service Dog Cole is a black Standard Poodle who is now calling Texas home. Cole is a sweetheart but active, much like his handler. Cole and his handler hit it…

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  • <h2>Dylan – Standard Poodle</h2>

    Dylan – Standard Poodle

    Service Dog Dylan is an apricot Standard Poodle living in New Jersey. Dylan and his new handler bonded very quickly, becoming best buddies soon after Dylan arrived. Since Dylan’s arrival,…

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  • <h2>Otis T. Goodboy – Standard Poodle</h2>

    Otis T. Goodboy – Standard Poo

    Otis The Goodboy, also known as Otis T. is an apricot Standard Poodle who calls Tennessee home. Otis T. is a Autism Assistance Dog, he and his handler work side…

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  • <h2>Puzzle – Standard Poodle</h2>

    Puzzle – Standard Poodle

    Service Dog Puzzle is an apricot Standard Poodle, Puzzle loves his new family! Puzzle is currently residing in Texas where he spends his time helping his new young friend overcome…

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  • <h2>Jackson – Standard Poodle</h2>

    Jackson – Standard Poodle

    Service Dog Jackson is a blue Standard Poodle that was matched with an adorable little girl in Pennsylvania. Jackson helps his new family by providing a constant comfort for his…

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