What I really appreciated was Highland’s willingness to work with us to the extent of what my child could handle. So often when people are working with people on the Autism spectrum, they don’t realize how overwhelmed the person can become and how quickly it occurs. We are able to go out in public now. A year ago, I would not have believed it was possible to even get my child out of the car at the grocery store.


Joey B ., Mount Holly, North Carolina

We can’t thank you guys enough for all that you have done for our son. Our service dog is a perfect fit for our family! You go above and beyond to be sure your clients are happy. Thanks for making our son’s life a little bit easier, knowing he has his service dog by his side.

Spring B., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Great company and people to work with! We were impressed with the level of expertise, quick response time, willingness to help and true commitment to making the dog/child relationship successful. One of the major factors that convinced us to go with Highland Canine was having the trainers deliver the dog and work with the family for 5 days. That time was invaluable and we learned a tremendous amount during those days.

Lou P., Amherst, New Hampshire

Every place we go with our service dog people comment on how obedient and well behaved she is. She is great with our son and watches over all of the children at his school. She has enabled us to go places with our son that were just too difficult in the past. Using the belt and leash have really helped our son attend to his surroundings and are calming for him. Thank you for all your hard work.

Meg M., Orlando, Florida