Gallery - Autism Service DogsAutism Service Dogs


  • <h2>Puzzle – Goldendoodle</h2>

    Puzzle – Goldendoodle

    Puzzle is a terrific Goldendoodle who went to live with his new family in May of 2011. Puzzle and his handler go to public school, local parks, and shopping areas…

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  • <h2>Coco – Standard Poodle </h2>

    Coco – Standard Poodle

    Coco is a Standard Poodle that began serving his family in March 2011. Coco has transitioned well into his new home. As a family, this is the first dog they…

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  • <h2>Georgia – Standard Poodle</h2>

    Georgia – Standard Poodle

    Georgia is an amazing Standard Poodle living in PA with her new family. She began her work as an autism assistance and mobility dog in March 2011 for Emily. Georgia…

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  • <h2>Bruster – Standard Poodle</h2>

    Bruster – Standard Poodle

    Bruster is a Standard Poodle that began serving his family in February 2011. He has already made great changes in the life of his owner and handler, Sean. Bruster attends…

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  • <h2>Allie – Standard Poodle</h2>

    Allie – Standard Poodle

    Allie is a Standard Poodle that began serving her family in September, 2010. Allie assists her handler, Jonathan, with a variety of tasks. Allie sleeps with Jonathan and accompanies him…

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  • <h2>Rocket – Standard Poodle</h2>

    Rocket – Standard Poodle

    Rocket is a Standard Poodle that was placed with her family in April 2010 and has made remarkable differences in the life of her handler, Jake. Rocket attends school with…

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