Gallery - Autism Service DogsAutism Service Dogs


  • <h2>Pepper – Goldendoodle</h2>

    Pepper – Goldendoodle

    Pepper is a Goldendoodle who loves her new family in Michigan. As quick as Pepper’s young owner is, it was important for the family to have a service dog to…

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  • <h2>Kira – Labrador Retriever</h2>

    Kira – Labrador Retriever

    Kira is a wonderful black Labrador Retriever that is loving her new family in New Hampshire. She attends therapies, school, and restaurants with her young person and his family. At…

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  • <h2>Koba – Labrador Retriever</h2>

    Koba – Labrador Retriever

    Koba loves being near his handler as she goes about her day.  Spending time in public has become much less stressful now that Koba is by her side.  Nightmares and…

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  • <h2>Shadow – Standard Poodle</h2>

    Shadow – Standard Poodle

    Shadow was trained to be a service dog to assist with mobility for her handler.  She is an amazing Standard Poodle who lives with her handler in North Carolina.  Shadow…

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  • <h2>Chase – Labradoodle</h2>

    Chase – Labradoodle

    Chase is a yellow Labradoodle that calls Texas home.  He is a big fellow who works side-by-side with his handler to make transitions to new and often overwhelming situations easier…

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  • <h2>Nacho – American Mastiff</h2>

    Nacho – American Mastiff

    Nacho enjoys country living in North Carolina as a companion, but most importantly as a service dog to her handler.  Nacho is an example of a family dog being evaluated…

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  • <h2>Sydney – Goldendoodle </h2>

    Sydney – Goldendoodle

    Sydney is a Goldendoodle that has been matched with a client through our partnership with the D.A.S.H.A. (Dedicated Animals Serving Humans Always) program in Puerto Rico.  Sydney was trained as…

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  • <h2>Willow – Standard Poodle</h2>

    Willow – Standard Poodle

    Willow is a silver Standard Poodle who loves her handler/owner.  This young man enjoys having Willow accompany him to school, large community events, and even on walks in the neighborhood.…

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